Reimagine Reality
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Immersive training and collaboration
#3D #Immersive
HintVR™ platform brings "reality" to the virtual world. It enables healthcare professionals to easily create engaging, immersive 3D content for training and also engage in remote collaboration
Intelligent Editing
Cloud based content management system uses AI for accurate segmentation making annotations faster and also provides multi language support
Relive the Experience
#Virtual Teleportation
Feel virtually teleported to any scene for a first person perspective with true depth occlusion rendering packed with advanced features like no pixelation zoom, hand tracking and virtual instruments
The EndGame
#Assisted Intelligence
Providing intra-op assistance to surgeons from the collective intelligence pooled from the data lake of annotated 3D Surgeries
Creating a rich data lake of annotated 3D data for training Robotcs to one day perform Autonomous Surgeries.