Reimagine Reality
One platform multiple use cases
Patient engagement in 3D
#3D #Immersive
HintVR platform enables surgeons to consult with their patient in full immersion for a more informed consent and better patient outcomes
Pre-op Planning
#trajectory #complications
Plan every complication before hand with your fellow surgeons in medically accurate 3D reconstructed from patient scans
Relive the Experience
#Virtual Teleportation
Feel virtually teleported to any scene for a first person perspective. Practise alongside words's top surgeons and healthcare professioanls in full immersive 3D
Remote #learning #proctoring
Be a part of live remote learning or proctoring expereince with full immersion and no distractions
#intraop #Imageguidance
Perform image guided procedures by accurately overlaying 3D recons of MRI/CT scans of the patient on the patient. Use advanced segmentation, fusion, visualisation and instrument tracking.
Creating a rich data lake of annotated 3D data for training Robotcs to one day perform Autonomous Surgeries.