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San Francisco.
About Us
We are developing an experience that healthcare professionals appreciate.
Healthcare is embracing collaboration/remote tech faster than any other industry. We are developing a platform that enables seamless collaboration and immersive experience. Today, users embrace companies that deliver experiences over products that best meet their needs. We are designing the best-in-class device, driven by strong creative and rooted in deep technology (Mixed Reality, Machine Vision) delivered over the cloud for an immersive learning and collaboration experience. We achieve this with minimal changes to the users' existing workflow. All of this comes from a design philosophy of working with users at their workplace understanding their workflow. This user-centric approach is what makes our product Transformative.
Why we do it
The future is all about 3D experiences
2020 accelerated the adoption of mixed reality (AR/VR). It is the next computing epoch as we move from 2D screens to 3D experiences. Once the devices and the apps are ready then content becomes the deciding factor from a user perspective to switch to a new computing device. At 8chili, we are perfectly positioned to bring the explosion in 3D content creation, curation and monetization to life. Our user centric, data-driven approach focuses on making 3D content capture super easy. Any user can wear our portable headband, become a content creator and capture their Live actions in full realistic 3D. Unlike VR Simulators, it takes minutes not months to be data ready (3D not 2D) on our cloud platform and share it as a Digital asset ready for monetization.
Our Leadership
A culture of innovation.
We have some of the best minds in the industry working with us on our vision to Reimagine Reality. Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Investors, Engineers, Designers, Hackers who are consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible, we have them all. Our advisory board is diverse bringing in with them the experience that shapes our product.
Amit Vohra
Harneet Bath
Medical Director
Chief Happiness Officer
Navin Govind
Chief Growth Officer
Gaurav Tulsani
Backend Engineer
Ambuz Vimal
Product Manager
Abhishek Shinde
Metaverse Developer
Ranil Herath
Business Advisor - Commercialization
Anthony M. Avellino
Clinical Advisor – Neuro
Vipul Patel
Clinical Advisor – Urology
Shreyank Tripathi
Clinical Advisor - Nephrology
Sangjoon Kwak
Clinical Advisor - Ortho
Senthil Sambandam
Clinical Advisor - Ortho
Darshan Angadi
Clinical Advisor - Ortho
Nate Ramanathan
Business Advisor - Legal