Ergonomic elastic headband, fits comfortably on the surgeon – non intrusive to their current workflow
2K depth cameras to capture the surgical field of view in 3D
Compute stick that allows for remote transfer of the 3D data from the headband to a high compute system
Weighs less than 250 g
Legacy surgical training fails surgeons
Surgical trainees not rehearsing alongside an expert surgeon in live sessions impedes their surgical effectiveness. Without practicing live with qualified surgeons, residents do not benefit from engaging with experienced specialists, learning novel surgical techniques, and increasing their proficiency. This knowledge gap directly impacts patient outcomes

Every surgical specialty has 100’s of unique surgical procedures and myriads of complications that never get taught or captured on VR simulators.

An immersive second person view of the surgery does not deliver on the promise of enhancing the residents’ expertise and capabilities

Circa 66% of new residents are not universally prepared to perform core procedures and circa 48% of teaching programs report fragmented training and duty-hour restrictions impacting skill acquisition.
143 million
surgical procedures not performed globally due to a lack of knowledge of specific procedures.1
Only 3%
surgeons in the world have access to high-quality continuous training.2
is the average cost of current non-immersive surgical simulation equipment.3
A first of its kind platform that enables experiential surgical training
Immersive learning experience with live photo realistic rendering of the surgeon’s field of view in a VR environment.

3D assets created from the pre-op plans helps in visualising patient anatomy overlaid onto the patient

AI based segmentation allowing colour coded overlays and anatomy details for the trainee to better co-relate with the real time visualisation during the surgical procedure

Virtual instruments to exact specifications as used in surgery to practise alongside the live surgery

Audio stream from the OR in understanding the communication and team dynamics required for a successful surgery.

Incorporated Haptic feedback for accurate interaction with the virtual world.
Simple for Surgeons, Immersive for Trainees
Works off the bat for all surgical specialties.

Does not require a radical change in the current surgical workflow.

Light weight headband for Live streaming 3D capture and a high end gaming laptop for heavy lifting the compute.

A VR headset like Oculus Quest for the trainee and a high end gaming laptop to deliver photo realistic 3D reconstructions at near 0 latency.

Plug and play anytime anywhere even from the comfort of your room.

No integration required with complex hospital IT systems.
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