Experiential Platform for Training and Collaboration
Ergonomic elastic headband, fits comfortably on the surgeon – non intrusive to their current workflow
2K depth cameras to capture the surgical field of view in 3D
Compute unit that allows for remote transfer of the 3D data from the headband to a high compute system
Weighs less than 250 g
Legacy surgical training fails surgeons
Surgical Training or Simulators have been huge cost centre for institutions for decades. While other braches have commercialised on the online certification oppourtunity hands on approach like surgical skills have not because of a lack of platform to enable the experience.

Every surgical specialty has 100’s of unique surgical procedures and myriads of complications that never get taught or captured on VR simulators.

97% surgeons would want to practise or rehearse before going into the OR. Currently nothing is available to cater to their needs

No current capabilities other than video recording available to surgeons to interact /teach the next generation of surgeons.
143 million
surgical procedures not performed globally due to a lack of knowledge of specific procedures.1
Only 97%
surgeons in the world would like to rehearse before going in to the OR.2
is the average cost of current surgical simulators making this a complete cost centre.3
A first of its kind platform like coursera for experiential surgical training
Enables institutes / surgeons to become training content creators generating additional revenue without chnages to the current workflow

Immersive learning experience with live photo realistic rendering of the surgeon’s field of view in a VR environment.

Hand and eye tracking to provide a experience score to measure the involvement of the user.

Access to pre-op planning data to help them understand the patient anatimy and the procedure in a more personalised way.

Audio stream from the OR in understanding the communication and team dynamics required for a successful surgery.

Easy and effective way for medical device manufacturers to train surgeons on new devices.

A platform to commercialise and enable best practises in the OR.
Simple for Surgeons, Immersive for Trainees
Works off the bat for all surgical specialties.

Does not require a radical change in the current surgical workflow.

Light weight headband for True 3D capture and a high end gaming laptop for heavy lifting the compute.

An off the shelf VR headset like Oculus Quest for the trainee and a high end gaming laptop to deliver photo realistic 3D reconstructions at near 0 latency.

Plug and play anytime anywhere even from the comfort of your room.

No integration required with complex hospital IT systems.
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